First Minable Decentralized Dice Game

What is KMDice ?

KMDICE is a POW blockchain dice game created within the Komodo Platform.


Why KMDice?

We want to take advantage of Crypto Conditions transactions implemented in Komodo Platform and see what they are capable of. The complete coins supply will be 21 million coins, but the singularity of KMDICE is that 50% of the supply was premined and locked in a dice game contract that is inaccessible for anyone and has no house edge or financial benefit for the creators. The only way to get that 50% of the supply unlocked from the dice contract is by betting the other 50% of the supply against it but it needs to be mined first.

The mining reward is 25 coins per block and it will have a halving every 210,000 blocks.

How do I install & play KMDice?